Delhi Police Complaint {FIR} Online cell, email status

Delhi Police Complaint {FIR} Online cell, email status : The Delhi Police Department is a very important for center. As Delhi is the capital of India and being a capital it is really important to maintain a high security in the capital. The main authority of law and order is in the hands of the capital. Today, the Delhi Police Department has six range. The administrative system as compared to other is also very advanced and high tech.

Delhi Police Complaint {FIR} Online cell

The department of Delhi Police has a huge responsibility of maintains law and order as it is the country’s capital. It is the national capital territory of Delhi. But they do not have a jurisdiction on the other areas bordering Delhi. The head of the Delhi Police complaint number commissioner. As per the details, the department has 84,536 officers under its control which made it one of the largest metropolitan force in the world.

For any details and queries regarding anything, please contact on the following website:

Since now, the technology has really appeared fast the Delhi Police is not beneath any thing. It has also powered the structure of online checking like getting complaints online and check the status online, which has offered a lot help to many citizens of the city as well as the country.

Some Toll Free Numbers For Help

PCR : 100 (24X7) (Toll Free)

Eyes and Ears : 1090 (Toll Free)

Women in distress : 1091

Special Cell (North-Eastern States) : 1093

Missing Persons :1094, 23241210

Traffic : 1095, 25844444

Senior Citizen : 1291

Vigilance :1064

Click on:

And submit the form to know the details and queries and status of the complaint.

***** Delhi Police Pay Scale *****

Here is a list of emails, telephone number and fax. In case of any emergency, contact the one listed below:

Commissioner of Police


Tel. No. 23490201

Fax no. 237220522.

Special CP/Admin


Tel no. 23490202

Fax no. 234903333.

Special CP/Int.


Tel no. 23490207

Fax no. 233522394.

Special CP/Security


Tel no. 23490209

Fax no. 234904895.

Special CP/Vigilance


Tel no 23490205/420523

Fax no. 4902686.

Spl. CP/Law and Order


Tel no. 23490204

Fax no 234904817.

Spl. CP/Crime


Tel no. 23490203

Fax no. 234903468.

Spl. CP/Operation, FRRO and IGIA


Tel no 23490210

Fax no 234904189.

Spl. CP/Traffic


Tel no. 23490403

Fax no 2349040310.

Spl. CP/P&L


Tel number 23939560

Fax no 2393956011

Spl. CP/Training


Tel no. 25315003

Fax no. 2531500612.

Joint CP/Central Range


Tel no 23490222

Fax no 2349043113.

Joint CP/Northern Range


Tel no 23490219

Fax no 2349021914.

Joint CP/South East Range


Tel no 23490220

Fax no 2349040015.

Joint CP/South West Range


Tel no 23490221

Fax no 2349047616.

Joint CP/Eastern Range 

Tel no 23490223

Fax no 2349043117.

Joint CP/New Delhi Range


Tel number 23490224

Fax no 2349040918.

These are the list of few important people if you have any query or you find or sense a crime at any place please inform or call them to assist you with the help. Jai hind.

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